PT BERLIAN LAJU TANKER Tbk Group plant trees in Desa Karangtengah, Kampung Cigobang, Sentul, West Java.

PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk with their subsidiaries (“BLT”) planted trees in Desa Karangtengah on Saturday 1st of October 2022.   The cause was part of the CSR Program of BLT in year 2022.  Planting trees are part of Company’s care and responsibilities towards green environment and communities welfare.

In the event, BLT set the mahogany, magenta lily and durians.  The planting was carried out directly by the President Director of BLT: Ms. Siana Surya, Mr. Benny Rachmat, and Mr. A Yulian Ernanto, witnessed by BLT and Subsidiaries’ employees.

Planting Trees were chosen because of its benefits.  Trees are main oxygen’s generator, trees can also save the environment by recovering critical land, to prevent landslide and flooding, as water bank agent, and natural economic resources for surrounding community.

The Company wish it would inspire other parties to join and continue to keep the environment sustainable.  The Company wish that the people in the surrounding neighborhood will keep and manage the trees so that they can make use of its products for their own benefits.

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