Ship Ownership

The Company, independently or in cooperation with other entity, invests capital (CAPEX) for ship ownership. These ships are purchased as new built ships or second-hand ships. Currently, the Company has a portfolio of Oil/Chemical Tanker, LPG Carrier and LNG Carrier vessels. The ownership of the ship is proven by a Ship Registration Certificate and the Grosse Deed of Ship Ownership.

Ship Operation/Chartering

Ships chartering services is main business of the Company. The ships operated consist of owned ships and ships owned by other companies which are operated on a Time Charter In or Commercial Management basis. These ships are used to meet the customers’ need under various contract types, such as Spot/Voyage Charter, Contract of Affreightment (“COA”), Consecutive Voyage Charter (“CVC”) and Time Charter (“T/C”). This sea transportation service business, to serve cargo owners such as shippers, receivers, traders and distributors. The ship chartering on the spot/voyage charter basis is a cargo transportation service based on one route (single) from the loading port to the discharging port, while ship chartering on a COA, CVC or TC basis, generally in the form of time contract basis, either short term contract, medium, or long term contract. Ship charter contracts with customers are stated in the form of a charter party (“C/P”), while the transportation contract or contract of carriage is stated in the form of a Bill of Lading (“B/L”). Here, the company acts as Carrier.

As a ship operator, the Company has a Sea Transportation Concession License (“SIUPAL”) from the Ministry of Transportation.

Project Management

With our local and international experience as well as expertise, we have been facilitating shipping related services to third parties such as Commercial Management, Operation and Logistics Management, and Tailor made Projects with existing partners or clients.

Commercial Management

Managing third party vessels for both chartering and the operation of the ships. The vessel integrated to our vessels trading line. The form of agreement can be standalone commercial management, pooling management or back to back charter.

Operation Management

Managing third party vessel for daily operation, monitoring and ensuring vessel operation performance and vessel documentation to meet the requirement.

Logistics Management

On behalf of cargo owner such as producer or trader, we can manage their cargo logistics, including chartering of the ship, renting port terminal, floating storage, shore tank, and stockpile. We also have experienced for dry bulk cargo such as coal and aggregate transportation.

Tailor Made Projects

With vast exposure and knowledge in shipping industry we can facilitate shipping related project as per customer’s specific requirement and need, including e but not limited to Joint Venture (JV), New Building, Vessel Conversion, Sales and Purchase (S&P).

Crew Management

PT Dewi Sri Maritim (DSM), a subsidiary of BLT, offers Crew Management Services. DSM has expanded their wings to cater the needs for qualified Crews for other companies. DSM recognized that seafarers are their assets. To support the companies they are serving, DSM has built its on Crew Information System (CIS), Experienced trainers, and updated version of Full Bridge and Engine Simulator.

For further information on the profile and services, please visit their website at www.dsmaritim.co.id

Ship Building

Our customers are international well-known Charterers. That is why we put vessel’s specification at the highest standard with best efficiency factors and developed our fleet through new building project. On top of that, we have succeeded in converting an oil tanker into an FPSO. We have more than 40 new building records for various types of tankers with Japanese, Korean and China Shipbuilders and we have successful FPSO conversion record which is the first Indonesian Flag FPSO conversion project.

Consultant Services​

BLT Consultant Service (BCS) is newly established company part of BLT Group, which has the ability and experience to assist Company to start its business in Indonesia in most economical and practical ways. We provide consultancy services including Legal, Human Resources, Tax and Accounting, and others. With combination of Grades and Experiences of their consultants, BCS is ready to help new Company to project what needs to be done to start its business and expand it in future. To view BCS’s Flyer, please download here

Ship Management

Gold Bridge Shipping Ltd (GBS), a subsidiary of BLT, offers Ship Management services.

Established in Hong Kong in 1990 as Shipowner, Commercial Operator, Ship Agent and Ship Manager, GBS is managed by a pool of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated professionals. The team combined has more than 100 years of sea time.

GBS is recognised by major international chemical manufacturers and oil companies for its reputable management system which is “Delivers with Safety and Care”. Since August 2016, GBS deployed their personnel to Jakarta, offering various services to Indonesian shipping companies. Amongst all, GBS Jakarta focuses on providing full fledge Ship Management services to companies operating Oil, Chemical, and Gas Tankers.

For further information on the profile and services, please visit their website at Gold Bridge Shipping Ltd (GBS)

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