Liquefied Gas Transportation Activities by ISO Tank LNG T75

One of company’s subsidiary company, PT Cendanawati Logistik Indonesia or CLI, is marketing container equipment for transporting of gas liquid (liquefied gas). The container name is ISO Tank LNG type T75, enable to transport/to storage LNG and other industrial gasses such as Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Carbon Dioxide and Liquid Argon. The container size is 20 feet, enable to load cargo up to 20 CBM as of volume. This ISO Tank is designed to work up to max pressure 2.2 MPa and the lowest temperature up to – 196oC.

CLI act as sales agent in Indonesia for the ISO Tank manufacture Chengxi (Taizhou) Equipment Technology Co., Ltd or CET, China, a subsidiary of CSSC. The products are marketed on sale or rental basis. The benefits of ISO Tank usage is the cargo can be shipped as multi modal (combined of land and sea) from end to end. It is different with bulk transportation which serves port to port. Since the loaded quantity is consider small, it is very suitable for distribution of retail cargo.

For further information and inquiries, please visit our website or call our marketing team at +62 8118 80270 (Firman).

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