Give Blood, Give Hope, Save Lives

PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk. in collaboration with the DKI Jakarta Province PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) Blood Transfusion Unit, again held a blood donor activity for company employees, as well as employees in the Wisma BSG environment. Routine blood donation activities are held as a commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility program.

The event was held on 25 – 26 May 2023 at Wisma BSG Floor 11, Jalan Abdul Muis No. 40, Gambir, Central Jakarta, from 09.00 WIT to 12.00 WIT, with the theme Give Blood, Give Hope, Save Lives.

The definition of a blood donor is a person who donates blood to help others. Aside from being a social activity and a form of concern for others, blood donation also makes the donor’s body healthier because blood cells in the donor’s body are replaced more quickly with new ones if the donor donates blood on a regular and ongoing basis.

We hope that the blood donation events will encourage employees and the community to continue to be concerned and share with others.

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