Full Set Ship Crew Embarked to Korea for Ship Take Over

Full set crew for one chemical tanker departed from Jakarta Soekano-Hatta Airport to Incheon Airport at Korea by Asian Airlines, on 5th December 2022 evening. They will join the other 2 officers who already departed earlier, to take over company new second hand chemical tanker 12,000 DWT. The crew will join on board on 7th December at Busan, to replace the old crew set.

BLT Group throught its ship management company Gold Bridge Shipping Limited (GB) manages the ship crew via the Crew Department. Further, the Group manages crew recruitment, selection and training, through the subsidiary company PT Dewi Sri Maritime (DSM Manning Agent). DSM provides the crew for both internal and external customers. At present DSM maintains crew data base for ratings and officers of chemical, oil and gas tankers, who are able to work on board our client vessels.

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