BLT “Care and Share” for the victims of Cianjur Earthquake 21 November 2022

On the 21st November 2022, a Magnitudo 5.6 earthquake struck near Cianjur in West Java Indonesia.  The earthquake had caused major destructions with hundreds of people died and many are still missing.  Up until 27th November 2022 318 people died, hundreds are still missing, and thousands had to stay outside their houses.

PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk, took initiative to help the victims.  After the news, BLT initiate fundraise and donation from its Commissionaires, Directors, and Employees.

The delivery of the first batch of the donation was carried out on Friday 25th November 2022 to the communities in 3 (three) areas which were Desa Mangunkerta Cugeunang,  Kp. Padalengsar Bunikasih, dan Earthquake Aid Post of SMAN 2 Cianjur.  Donation packages that were delivered among other:  blankets, ready to cook food, biscuits, medicines, baby diapers, woman pads, clothes, etc all were delivered to places where volunteers distributes donation to refugees.  In collaboration with local government bodies, BLT Team were able to reach and deliver packages of donation.

The delivery of the first batch of packages also meant to collect information on items that people are lacking of and also locations where no donation reached them yet.  BLT plans to deliver the donation in few batches, up until the fund raised is all spent.

Let’s pray for the people of Cianjur to be given strength to follow through the hardship.  BLT asks and encourages all other Indonesian to help in any way they can for the people of Cianjur affected by the earthquake.

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