BLT “Care and Share” for The Victims of Cianjur Earthquake 21 November 2022 Batch II

After the delivery of donation on the 25th November 2022, PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk (“BLT Group”) again delivered second batch of donation to the victims of Cianjur Earthquake.

The delivery of this second batch of donation was on Wednesday 21st December 2022 for the refugees in two locations:  Salakawung Village of Bayubud, District of Cianjur and Sarampad Vilage of Cugenang in District of Cianjur.  Packages of foods, mineral water, milk, toiletries, tarps, and mats were delivered.  The donations packages were result of information on items that were needed the most by the refugees.

With the program BLT “Care and Share”, BLT wish the act would relieve of some of burdens carried by the people affected and became victims from the earthquake.   Other than that, BLT Group hopes that this act would affect and inspire other companies especially in shipping to move and act to donate to those in need for help.

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