September 2022

BLT Vessels Active to Carry Palm Oil Refinery Products

One of BLT operated vessel, oil/chemical tanker MT Tirtasari (5,877 DWT ) discharging cargo palm oil refinery products at Port of Marunda, Jakarta. Palm oil refinery products are derivative of crude palm oil (CPO), such as palm stearin (RBDPS) and palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD). These cargoes need special attention such as cargo heating.

MT Bauhinia Carries Fuel for Timor Leste

One of company oil/chemical tanker vessel, MT Bauhinia (vessel size 5,851 DWT) discharging gasoil and gasoline at Port of Dili, Timor Leste, on early September 2022. Fuel from petroleum products is one of usual cargo carried by BLT ships.

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